All on 4 Dental Implant Risks

All on Four is one of the most successful treatments offered in dentistry today, with the average All on 4 implants success rate being 96% when performed by an experienced All on 4 dentist. – Malo, P. A longitudinal study of the survival of All-on-4 implants.

There are four predominant All on 4 dental implant risks. And as previously stated in the Malo. P. A Study there is around 4% risk of such issues impeding the overall success. It’s essential to identify that just because one of the complications occurs, it doesn’t mean that the procedure has failed. If the complication is not a fundamental issue, it is usually resolved immediately.

What are the Risks Receiving All on 4?

  • Incorrect Placement
  • Implant Failure
  • Dissatisfaction
  • Infection

Let’s go into depth about the precautions an individual must take in avoiding such risks where applicable and how to spot the symptoms of such risks. It’s imperative to identify an issue that is potentially problematic in the early stages. Choosing an All on 4 clinic with great aftercare solutions like Kew Dentistry will ensure complete guidance and proactive services rather than reactive solutions.

Incorrect Placement of the All on 4 Dental Implants

One of the four contributing All on 4 dental implants problems is the incorrect placement of the fixtures.

  • Discomfort – 

Individuals that have received the treatment will inevitably experience discomfort, swelling, and redness in the first couple of days. However, once these natural symptoms start to dissipate, the true integrity of the implants will present itself. Implants can be uncomfortable and considering that it is a tactile area frequently in contact, discomfort can be extremely frustrating.

  • Speech –

If the All on 4 dental implants are placed incorrectly, it may affect your speech. If the implants sit too high or are too bulky, it will change the airflow, ultimately altering how your sound resonates. It is crucial to share any insecurities or queries with your doctor, as it could be a matter of adjustment.

  • Breakage –

If the All on 4s are placed in a shallow position, an individual may experience breakage.

  • Aesthetics –

Once again, if the implants are placed in a shallow position, this may expose the transitional section covering the space between the bridge and the individual’s gums. This will dramatically affect the aesthetics of the end result.

How is Incorrect Placement Remedied?

There are many ways doctors can counteract incorrect placement.

With the technology available, incorrect placement is infrequent and, more importantly, unacceptable. At Kew Dentistry, we use 3D scans, extensive surgical strategies, meticulous All on 4 treatment plans, and surgical templates to ensure that implants are placed with precision incurring zero complications.

If there is any discomfort, change in speech, or breakage (which can happen just as it can with natural teeth) the implants are sent to our technician’s lab for immediate fixes. Most can expect the implants to be returned within a couple of hours unless the complication requires complex adjustments.


Unfortunately, one of the most common catalysts for incorrect placement is a lack of experience. The All on 4 treatment is minimally invasive, but it is a complex procedure that isn’t taught during a degree. Make sure you look into the credentials of your dentist and validate their experience through the review history and date of their All on 4 qualification. As the procedure has been around just 10 years, this will give you a clear indication of their efforts.

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Implant Failure

All on 4 Dental Implant risks include implant failure. There is a 5 % chance of implant failure occurring. For some, this may seem like a small percentage, and for others quite significant; regardless, it is undoubtedly a risk that needs addressing. But first, what is implant failure?

What is Implant Failure?

Implant failure is when the muscle tissue can’t or won’t infuse with the implant. Three predominant symptoms suggest you’re experiencing implant failure.

  • Ongoing pain and discomfort
  • Loose implants
  • Swelling and inflammation around the gums.

So why does this happen?

Reasons for All on 4 Dental Implant Failure

Two contributing factors increase the risk of dental implant failure;
Incorrect placement and bio failure.

We have covered incorrect placement, and as for bio failure, it is hard to elaborate on the exact science of why the body does this. Some may have a reaction to a foreign body as the body sends white blood cells to try and eradicate the ‘problem’ without knowing it’s for a good cause.

Choosing a clinic that offers sufficient All on 4 aftercare services is imperative to the success of your implants. A good dentist will always insist on following up to see that the patient is happy with their work. It is this due diligence that we integrate into every procedure and client relationship.

Patients Unhappy with the End Result

Sometimes a procedure will tick all the boxes, but an individual’s psyche is altered after experiencing major physical changes to their look. In worst-case scenarios, they are unhappy with the look and feel of their implants. This is an infrequent occurrence and one that we have never encountered.

How to Prevent Dissatisfaction?

There are two ways to combat dissatisfaction.

Digital Smile Design

As an additional service, Kew Dentistry offers design technology that incorporates your image with the fixtures that have been made for you. Seeing an extremely accurate template of how you will look with the All on 4 implants will give you a clear perspective. This allows you to withdraw from your procedure or, in most cases, offer you peace of mind that the end result will look incredible.

Pre and Post-Operative Care

Another instance in avoiding dissatisfaction will see clinics offering support and informative sessions around the life-changing journey that is All on 4, both pre and post-op. Look into the treatment planning process and All on 4 aftercare of the clinic you’re interested in. Read reviews of overall experiences.


One of the biggest All on 4 dental implant risks is infection. Like any surgery, infection is a risk that presents itself at all times, and there are a few clear contributors to such complications.

  • Smoking
  • Not cleaning implants
  • Unsterilised equipment used during surgery,
    And as we mentioned before;
  • Implant failure

To counteract any chances of fault falling on you, follow the direction of your doctors, including any cleaning instructions and dietary restrictions. It’s hard to avoid fault that lies with the dental team, but to reiterate a frequented point made in this article, be sure to do your research, read reviews, and refer to qualifications and experience when choosing a practice for All on 4.

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