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Medical tourism isn’t new, and it sounds like an alright idea – Find a cheaper option for your cosmetic or minor surgical procedure overseas and enjoy a holiday in an exotic location while you’re at it. Dental surgery is no exception, but is it worth Getting All on 4 Dental Implants overseas? If you’re in the market, you may be tempted to save a few dollars and have your All on 4 implants done abroad. But it’s not as simple as popping into your friendly Phuket dentist in the morning and sipping a mojito on the beach in the afternoon.

Before you fire up the search engine looking for the cost of All on 4 implants abroad, let us run you through the pros and cons of having your implant work done overseas.

The Pros of Receiving All on 4 Implants Overseas

Let’s look at the benefits of medical tourism.

Save on the Cost of All on 4 Implants Abroad

This is the big one. Price will depend on the location you find yourself in, but the dental surgical treatment for All on 4 implants itself can be found cheaper overseas.

As a rough guide to how much you’ll save in medical bills, we looked at marketing material from several groups that specifically target dental tourism. They all quoting between twelve and sixteen thousand dollars per arch (that’s top or bottom teeth) to have your All on 4 implants done abroad. In comparison, All on 4 procedures in Australia cost upward of twenty thousand dollars per arch.

Location, location, location

The second draw of dental tourism is the idea that you can combine the costs and time of your treatment with an overseas holiday in an exotic location. It’s certainly true that if you elect to have your All on 4 implants done abroad, you’re going to be in another country by definition. Popular holiday destinations are also hubs for practitioners who specialise in medical and dental tourism for just this reason. And what better way to recover from your surgery than lying on the beach, right? Well, read on and we’ll let you know more.

The Cons of Receiving All on 4 Implants Overseas

And as expected there is always a down side. Here are a few things you don’t want to get caught out on.

Travel Expenses

Hang on, didn’t we just say cost was a pro? The trouble is you can’t factor in the dollars you’ve saved on surgery alone when undergoing your All on 4 dental implants procedures overseas. This is an overseas holiday, remember. Accommodation, meals and all of the other expenses that you usually rack up overseas need to be counted.

Length of Stay

If you’re planning on cutting costs by getting in and out in a matter of days, we have some bad news for you. At a bare minimum you really want to have access to your clinic of choice for four weeks to allow for basic follow-ups and adjustments, or you’re just not going to get your money’s worth from All on 4 implants no matter what you pay.

Hidden Expenses

Medical tourism comes with its own unique risks. Like language barriers, local customs and clever marketing. These can all lead to surprise bills on top of your quote if you need significant preparatory work or there are complications during your procedure.

Holiday? What holiday?

All on 4 implants are a significant surgical procedure. Your treatment will likely involve many appointments including consultation, preparatory work, the implant procedures and follow-ups. That’s a hefty schedule to try and keep if you’re also trying to relax or enjoy some sightseeing and sampling the local edible delicacies. Speaking of which, All on 4 implants involve surgery around your mouth. A lot of the time during your treatment you’re not going to be able to enjoy food or take cocktails on the beach the way you’d like to on a holiday. Add the discomfort associated with surgery, and you might just feel better during recovery in the comfort of your own home.

Is Dental Treatment Abroad Safe?

We’re sure our overseas colleagues are very good at what they do. But they don’t operate in the highly regulated and standardised dental industry that you’ve grown up trusting and relying on in Australia.

All on 4 dental implants abroad comes with risks associated with the training and skill of the surgeon and quality of materials used that the Australian health system protects you from. Having your work done overseas may cost less, but it is complicated by having to navigate a completely different payment, ethical and legal framework than what you’re used to at home.

What if something does go wrong?

If there are complications during or after your All on 4 implant treatment abroad, the first thing you’ll notice is that one way or the other your costs are going to skyrocket. This might be because of what we’ve already had to say about the ethics of medical billing outside of Australia. What’s more likely is that you’ll find yourself back home in the hands of an Australian surgeon trying to fix what’s gone wrong.

Follow Up Appointments Could be a Pain

Follow up appointments up to six months after your implants are absolutely crucial to getting the perfect comfort and look, so seeing a local dentist should be a part of your plan regardless. Either way, now you’re risking a whole new range of complications and costs involved with working with and acquiring materials that may not be readily available or commonly used in Australia. If serious corrective work is required, those procedures will almost certainly wipe out any dollars saved from having your All on 4 treatment done at a lower cost overseas.

The Alternative to All on 4 Dental Implants Overseas

Those are the basics to get you thinking about having All on 4 implants abroad. The procedure itself can certainly be cheaper overseas, assuming you understand the billing process properly and everything goes smoothly. It also isn’t the worst excuse to take the family on a tropical vacation. Just be sure you plan on staying long enough to get proper treatment and factor in those costs as well. Also, remember this is a significant medical procedure you’re thinking about and adjust your holiday expectations to allow for a comfortable recovery. And as with any dental procedure make sure you properly understand the treatment you’re undergoing, the financial and medical risks involved and how you’ll tackle those. This is especially true if you’re thinking of treatment overseas.

If you still have any questions about your All on 4 implants or your future with this procedure, book a consultation with us, and we’d be happy to disclose your best options.

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