All on 4 Treatment Planning

All on 4 treatment planning is one of the structural elements that ultimately contributes to your procedure’s success. It allows practitioners ample time to prepare and strategise alongside accurately measure how much the All on 4 dental implants will cost. The All on 4 costs may vary depending on the individual. During your introductory consultation, the doctors will conduct a CBCT Scan (Cone Beam Computed Tomography Scan) to clarify whether or not you’ll need bone and sinus grafting – but more on that later.

All on 4 implants are a solution for many struggling with rotting teeth to the extent that the simplest tasks like eating, drinking, and oral hygiene prove to be a persistent challenge. Let’s discuss the steps of evaluating a treatment plan and the steps that we follow at Kew Dentistry to deliver the best results.

First Contact

The first contact often occurs over the phone as individuals reach out to explore if All on 4 is the correct procedure for them. At Kew Dentistry, the general practice manager will conduct a quick over the phone consultation explaining the details of the procedure, including the All on 4 costs, a summary of your All on 4 treatment planning, and the option to book in and commence the primary stages of the process. 

We don’t believe in extended wait times at Kew Dentistry. Many individuals come to our practice seeking treatment as a result of ongoing struggles that may stem from years of suffering.  

The Consultation

If you have chosen to move forward in your treatment, the next step is the initial consultation, where we determine your treatment plan.

During the consultation at Kew Dentistry, Dr Joe Xanthopoulas will guide you through the steps of the All on 4 procedure, answering any questions or concerns that you may have. 

To accurately gauge the details of the procedure, Dr Joe Xanthopoulas will perform a CBCT Scan that evaluates the strength of your jaw, which is the foundation for the All on 4 dental implants. If there is weakness identified in the bone structure of your jaw, your treatment may involve a sinus or bone graft which will shift the pricing of your treatment.

After the consultation, you will be given the treatment plan, including the All on 4 costs and details of the procedure. Once again, you will have the option to schedule an appointment for the final consultation before the All on 4 treatment.

Digital Smile Design

Digital Smile Design is an optional step in the stages leading up to your procedure. Patients have the chance to view what the finished result would look like on them. Through digital photography, 3D Scanning and Dynamic video, we use technology to assist in what can prove to be a difficult decision. If the individual is available, the imaging preparation can be completed on the spot. The process takes just 5-10 minutes, giving you a glimpse of what your smile makeover can look like.        

The Final Consultation Before Treatment

If you choose to progress, you can schedule the final appointment before the treatment. In this meeting, you will go through all the paperwork and the financial aspects associated with the treatment.

The pre-operative photos are taken during your final consultation. They are included in your case file to have on hand during the procedure. Post-op photos will be acquired after placing the final prosthesis. These image comparisons show the improvements and overall benefits before and after the All on 4 dental implant surgery.

After the appointment, the team combines the images from the Intra-oral and CBCT Scans to format an implant treatment plan that acts as a surgical guide to prepare for the procedure. 

Kew Dentistry is one of few practices that engage this form of technology, contributing to ongoing success and quality of results. 

Final Checks of the All on 4 Treatment Planning

The final checks ensure you are a good candidate for the surgery down to the smallest details. The anaesthetist will evaluate your physical health and medical condition. If such conditions or medication taken by the individual could provoke complications whilst under general anaesthesia, you may not get approved for the treatment. You’re also required to have some pathology and ECG tests (electrocardiogram), of which we will provide a referral.

All on 4 Costs

The last and final call is funding. While the benefits of receiving All on 4 implants are life-altering, there is no shying away from the fact that it is a significant upfront investment. Many patients choose to rely on their Super to pay for the treatment.

If you wish to find out if you are a candidate for Supercare, find out more – here.

Once funding has been approved, you may book your final appointment to receive treatment. 


– To find out more on the procedure itself, take a look at our All on 4 page.

All on 4 Aftercare 

In your All on 4 treatment planning, you’ll find information about post-operative care. This can largely impact one’s decision to move forwards with the treatment; however, the pain associated with All on 4 dental implant surgery is minimal. It can be managed with basic pain relief, medication provided by Kew Dentistry, along with antibiotics and all of your post-op recovery needs.

Within 1-3 weeks post-surgery, your swelling and discomfort will have minimised significantly. Our friendly staff will counsel you through your long and short-term All on 4 aftercare.

The natural healing process begins the day after your permanent teeth are inserted. Implants and grafting take three months to integrate into your jaw bone.

So for the first three months after surgery, you have to stick with a soft diet. This doesn’t mean you’ll be living off soup for three months; however, avoiding anything that will put excessive force on the implants is vital – foods like nuts, apples, muesli bars, and so on.

Our doctors at Kew Dentistry recommend sticking with foods like slow-cooked meals, pasta, rice etc. We will see you at the 3-month mark to ensure you’re ready to introduce the food you were unable to eat prior to your new All on 4 final prosthesis.

All on 4 at Kew Dentistry

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