Is All on 4 worth it?

For many, the stress of financial strain or dental fears has suppressed their oral health for too many years. Rotten teeth can create physical hardships, inabilities to eat certain foods, the inability to smile with confidence, and constant repercussions from such fears that ripple onto personal and professional relationships.

Is All on 4 worth it? A new smile and a newfound freedom has no price tag, and with the option to use early-release Superannuation to pay for the treatment, we have made All on 4 dental implants accessible to everyone.

But rather than telling you, we want to show you. Let’s look into the details of the procedure as well as the pros and cons.

What is All on 4?

Fundamentally, All on 4 dental implants are a replacement for your natural teeth and a popular alternative to dentures – the reason being that they are permanent.

You could be a candidate If you suffer from;

  • A collapse of the bite due to damage, missing teeth or erosions
  • Advanced gum disease
  • Extensive decay
  • Failed root canal treatment
  • Failing crowns or bridges
  • Multiple missing teeth
  • Teeth that have deteriorated
  • Uncomfortable or loose denture

How does the procedure work?

After removing the decayed teeth and clearing current or present infection, 4 implants are inserted into the jaw – (4 in the upper arch, 4 in the lower). These titanium implants are used to support a new set of teeth that will serve as a fully functional permanent solution.

The first engagement is a consultation and a discussion evaluating your candidacy. After a full CBCT Scan (Cone Beam Computed Tomography), our doctors will decide how they will approach your case and how much the treatment will cost.

Before the big day arrives, we’ll give you the option of digital smile design, which incorporates 3D Scanning and videography to provide you with a clear indication of the end result. There is no guesswork in our practice, with 100% of patients seeing complete satisfaction, and if by chance a slight alteration is needed, it is a matter of hours before we can restore results.

All on 4 – Pros

  • all on 4 in kewThe procedure enables immediate and long-lasting results. The permanent solution could save you thousands of dollars in the long run, avoiding ongoing servicing fees and fixes.
  • Eliminating issues associated with decaying teeth will Improve bite force, correcting any dietary issues stemming from restriction.
  • Improve your appearance. Many people that undergo the procedure experience a complete turn-around in self-confidence – tackling job interviews, meeting new people, and posing in photos.
  • The All on 4 procedure provides additional support to the jawbone and improves the facial structure.
  • Lower cost than traditional implants – Kew Dentistry has partnered with Super Care to support those that need but can afford the prosthetics. Access your Super early, and once you’re approved, we will begin the treatment planning process.
  • The procedure is performed under general anaesthesia, maximising your comfort and experience.

All on 4 – Cons

all on 4 aftercareThere truly aren’t many cons to this treatment, but, like most procedures, there are always risks involved.

So what are the risks of All on 4?

  • Incorrect Placement – Though uncommon, incorrect placement can lead to discomfort, change in speech, breakage, and corrupt the overall aesthetics of the dental implants.

Kew Dentistry’s Solution – We use carefully calculated stencils and meticulous treatment planning to prevent incorrect placement. Inexperience is the only excuse for displacement, and it’s not something Kew Dentistry has ever experienced.

  • Implant Failure – There is a 5 % risk of implant failure, a complication in which the implants won’t integrate into the jaw, and the white blood cells reject it as a foreign body. Implant failure could also stem from incorrect placement.

Kew Dentistry’s Solution – Just because an implant has failed, it doesn’t mean it cannot be fixed. It’s essential to be proactive in identifying the symptoms, not reactionary; that’s why a thorough aftercare process like the one offered at Kew Dentistry is absolutely imperative.

  • Dissatisfaction – Dissatisfaction is not something we have experienced at Kew Dentistry. It is easily prevented by offering Digital Smile Design, giving patients a clear understanding of how they will look with All on 4 dental implants.

Kew Dentistry’s Solution – Digital Smile Design

  • Infection – like all surgical procedures, the risk of infection is a possibility. Infection may occur from poor cleaning practices post-treatment, an unbalanced diet, smoking, unsterilised equipment used during the procedure, and ongoing implications of implant failure.

Kew Dentistry’s Solution – We believe that it is of extreme importance to educate all patients properly. We take the time to debrief and coach patients on how to look after their All on 4 dental implants as well as best practices in regards to diet and oral hygiene.

Wants to know more on the risks associated with All on 4? – All on 4 Dental Implant Risks.

All on 4 Costs

In the case of All on 4 Dental Implant costs, you may obtain financing through SuperCare so you’re not put under financial strain for a treatment that is critical to your health. The majority of All on 4 procedures cost around AUD 48,000 (AUD 25,000 for the first arch and 23,000 for the following arch).

As every mouth is unique, a blanket price isn’t precise. There are elements to the procedure that you may not need, or there may be necessary additions. We recommend booking in for a consultation to evaluate an accurate price.

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Is All on 4 Worth it?

Is All on 4 worth it? Take it from one of our patients. Shelly visited us in 2021 in need of a full dental refurbishment. Shelly kindly left this review, and it’s something that reminds us of the ongoing positive change that we achieve for our patients.

Shelly – May, 2021

“I can not recommend Kew Dentistry highly enough. Having major dental surgery with Kew Dentistry was, believe it or not, a pleasant experience. The girls looked after me and made sure I was well prepared and looked after. Joe was the first dentist I have been to that did not make me feel embarrassed about my teeth. The aftercare follow up was not expected but greatly appreciated. Thank you to all the team at Kew dentistry”.

If you’re ready to take action, let’s just start off with a chat!

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