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Having to go to the dentist every six months certainly isn’t the most enticing thing in the world, but here at Kew Dentistry, we believe regular dental appointments are important vital to your overall health. There are a multitude of reasons people might want to skip a dental clean or a routine check-up, maybe you’re anxious about the experience or you just don’t have time. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering about why you need regular dental appointments, we’re here to answer that!

  1. You need to get rid of plaque, tartar and those pesky cavities!
    Even keeping up with diligent teeth cleaning routines will leave the risk of plaque building up in your mouth. Plaque is a layer of bacteria on your teeth that can harden to become tartar. Tartar hardens on your tooth and can lead to cavities if you are not undergoing careful oral hygiene. A clean from your dentist will help you avoid any tartar build-up, and thus cavities!
  2. Early detection of gum disease
    Not only can the build-up of plaque lead to cavities, but it can also cause decay and infection in the gum and tooth (this is often called gingivitis). If you leave gingivitis untreated for a long time, it can lead to severe decay and even the need for a tooth removal. Gum disease can be avoided by regular check-ups and excellent hygiene!
  3. There’s more to your mouth than your teeth!
    Whilst your pearly whites might be glistening from your excellent brushing and flossing routine, Kew Dentistry are experts in finding out what is going on underneath the surface. X-rays can show us things like impacted teeth, swelling in your jaw and other structural issues. Heading to the dentist will ensure your entire mouth is in good health!
  4. Look after your health for the long term
    Visiting your dentist regularly will ensure you are maintaining great habits with your teeth and help your broader health as well. Preventable issues like decay and gum disease will ensure your smile stays healthy and pearly for longer, as well as potentially saving you money in the future!

If these reasons aren’t enough to convince you to go to the dentist regularly enough, how about the fact that regular check-ups will save you time, money and ultimately, your teeth! We encourage you to book into your dentist every 6 months.

From general toothaches to more serious injuries like a chipped tooth, Kew Dentistry are here to help you out. Call us today to get an appointment with one of our incredible team.

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