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The All-on-4® procedure was designed as an innovative solution for replacing an entire mouth of teeth. Brought to Australia by Dr Alex Fibishenko, the procedure involves a total replacement based on just four Straumann implants. Kew Dentistry is one of the few selected clinics that works with Dr Fibishenko, meaning that we are expertly trained for the procedure. We use market leading Straumann BLX implants for their reliability and high performance.

  • Expert All-on-4® clinic
  • Minimally invasive
  • Treats a range of issues

At Kew Dentistry, our team performs wisdom teeth extractions with efficiency and skill, in even the most complex cases. As one of our more common procedures, we have a comprehensive care process from initial examination to post-extraction care. We can extract teeth on the same day, either in the dental chair or under general anaesthetic or intravenous sedation in our surgicentre.

  • Same day extraction available
  • Dedicated surgicentre
  • End-to-end care

At Kew Dentistry we offer the latest and greatest in orthodontic technology. Invisalign is the newest alternative to braces that involves wearing a series of clear aligners to rapidly straighten your smile. At Kew Dentistry, our dental team develop a treatment plan from the first consultation, including 4-6 week check-ups and a schedule for new aligners. We also offer lingual braces, which unnoticeably sit behind your teeth.

  • Easily removable
  • Comfortable - no wires or metal brackets
  • Clear and unnoticable

Kew Dentistry provides a number of simple and effective methods of whitening teeth. When performed by qualified dental professionals teeth whitening has minimal side effects, unlike some DIY methods. Our teeth whitening solutions are available both in-chair and at home, allowing you to choose the procedure that suits you best.

  • In-chair power bleach
  • At-home overnight
  • Individual tooth whitening

Our Services

All of our treatments and services are provided in a comfortable, spa-like clinic, designed according to high-quality standards.

General Dentistry

Routine check ups and procedures to root canals and complex extractions.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Whitening, veneers, orthodontics and gum grafting.

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Oral Surgery

Implants, All-on-4® and other procedures in our on-site surgicentre.

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Why Choose Kew Dentistry

An industry leader since 2004, Kew Dentistry has a well deserved reputation for excellence, high quality care and innovative dental solutions. From routine check ups to the most complicated procedures, Kew Dentistry provides complete family dental care.

Our comprehensive approach ensures each patient is welcomed with a full examination, assessing the presenting concerns and highlighting potential future issues. Our patients’ comfort is paramount, so we prioritise relieving pain and discomfort.

We understand our patients live busy lives, so we offer convenient saturday appointments, as well as free undercover parking.

Contact us today to book your appointment!

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How Much Is All on 4?

A frequented question endures; ‘How much is All on 4?’ The answer is not so precise as the All on 4 costs are specifically tailored to the patient. If you’re considering the All on 4 procedure, the next step is enquiring about cost, which can often dictate who you choose to have the treatment with. However, the All on 4 costs should not be the only determining factor. The necessary skill, expertise, training, and experience required to perform the procedure takes decades to attain.

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