Help your children enjoy a lifetime of healthy teeth and good oral hygiene. Habits form early, and the state of your child’s oral health must be maintained from a young age, even when they have baby teeth.

Kids learn a great deal from their parents, including how they respond to dental procedures and habits. You can positively influence your child’s ability to have great oral health by starting early. We recommend that they have a dental visit by their first birthday, allowing us to monitor their oral development and growth. Remember, prevention is the best possible medicine to sustain optimum oral health!

Avoid Future Problems

At Kew Dentistry, we appreciate how important dental health is for children. Although they may not have their adult teeth yet, damaging baby teeth can have harmful implications for their general health. Some common problems we see include:

  • Tooth decay
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Dental emergencies
  • Gingivitis and Gum disease
  • Anxiety and fear of the dentist

These issues alone or in tandem can have concerning consequences for your child’s overall health. Particularly for children, dental health is of particular importance due to the possibility of consequences far into adulthood. Children can experience pain and discomfort, difficulty sleeping, growth and development issues, poor self esteem and social difficulties, all stemming from an underlying dental issue.

The best and most effective way to avoid any of these issues is to ensure your child visits the dentist regularly from their first birthday onwards. Here at Kew Dentistry, we specialise in family dentistry and are well equipped to identify and treat any current or future dental issues. We understand that many children dread coming to the dentist and therefore make it as quick, painless and fun as possible. Our gentle dentists have a wonderful bedside manner and are well-versed in putting children at ease.

Children’s Dentistry FAQ's

Though baby teeth will eventually fall out, if they’re not properly cared for, they can fall out prematurely. This loss can affect the eruption of adult teeth and cause dental problems in the future. Healthy baby teeth are necessary for eating, as well as speech development, making it vital to your child’s health that their teeth are well looked after.

There are several factors to consider in helping your child’s teeth develop and grow. Regular brushing and flossing are important, but so is a good diet. Certain foods like sweets, fruit juice, peanut butter, dried fruit, popcorn, snack bars and muesli bars can contribute to tooth decay. Being aware that excessive consumption may lead to tooth decay can make a great difference in your child’s oral health.

Some children might feel anxiety and distress about receiving dental care. Our gentle dentists have a wonderful bedside manner and are well-versed in putting children at ease. We can give them a soft toy for comfort, or play a children’s movie to distract them. You’ll never hear us use words that might be scary to children, such as needle, drill or pull.

If that isn’t enough, however, we’ve recently constructed a state-of-the-art surgicentre, giving your child the option of sleeping through their dental procedures.

Book a visit for your children at our kid-friendly practice. Contact our team today! Insurance is accepted.

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