Repair and save damaged teeth with a root canal treatment. This procedure can prevent tooth loss, chronic infection and acute inflammation associated with chronic tooth pain or abscesses.

Modern root canal therapy is a comfortable, straightforward solution to save a problem tooth.

A Comfortable Solution to Save Teeth

Once we’ve determined that you require a root canal treatment, we’ll work to relieve your pain and stabilise your tooth. On the second visit, we’ll clean the affected area and fill it to stop the infection.

The visits are usually completed over a two-week period. You may require a crown to be placed on top of the tooth, which can also be completed at our practice, with the crown created in our on-site laboratory.

You don’t need to be concerned about high levels of pain — our patients find that with our gentle touch, we stabilise your discomfort at your initial treatment, and it won’t increase during the follow-up visit. If necessary, we offer sedation dentistry.

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