Kew Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Having your wisdom teeth out at Kew Dentistry is a simple process.

After a consultation with either Dr Joe Xanthopoulos or Dr Jeff Mok and ensuring you have a current OPG x-ray, our general anaesthetic co Ordinator Jenna will make it as simple as possible for you. You’ll be given a treatment plan outlining all the costs so no hidden fees. You’ll also be issued with paperwork to fill in and return prior to surgery to ensure everything is good to go ahead with treatment under general anaesthetic.

From there – it is as simple as finding the most suitable time for you to ensure you have at least a week or so of downtime after as with most wisdom teeth extractions, some pain and/or bruising and swelling is common.

Our team of expert anaesthetists make the process as easy as possible from pre op consult to getting you recovered and ready to leave shortly after waking up. Part of your anaesthetic fees are claimable with Medicare which you’ll be able to make the claim back once you have received your paid invoice post op.

Going under is totally painless and you are in the safest hands. Our state of the art hospital grade facility can cater to almost every one and generally you are awake and alert quite quickly as opposed to procedures in hospital where you are groggy and unwell / sleepy for hours after.

Our dental team are extremely capable and experienced in even the most complicated extractions. Pain is to be expected post op but you will go home with the medication and ice packs required following the procedure so no need to stop and fill scripts on the way home. Kew Dentistry is your one stop wisdom tooth extraction shop!

We are strong advocates – especially with complicated procedures that icing is one of if not the most crucial part of your recovery. Your swelling hits its peak and starts to get better between day 3-4 and once the swelling is gone it shouldn’t be too much of a difficult recovery, although every body is different.

We always suggest soft food that won’t require a lot of chewing while recovering, but you’re always the best judge of what you feel comfortable eating.

If you have any questions regarding removing your wisdom teeth or would like to book in a consultation please contact our rooms.

Wisdom Teeth FAQs

Wisdom teeth may be extracted during teen years, up until later in your twenties.

As always, the extent of the procedure depends on the patient’s specific circumstances. However, often we are able to simple remove wisdom teeth in-chair, which is less extensive. Even when surgery is required, usually it is simple and recovery is quick.

After the procedure is complete, Kew Dentistry will provide you with a complete recovery kit, including ice packs, pain relief medications and antibiotics. It is often recommended to stick to soft foods immediately after your surgery, as the area is tender and healing. There can be swelling or bruising, but full recovery is usually within 1-2 weeks.

Don’t put up with discomfort. Contact us today to discuss how we may be able to help you! Insurance can be used for your visit.

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