Kew Wisdom Teeth Extractions

At Kew Dentistry, our team performs wisdom teeth extractions with efficiency and skill, in even the most complex cases. With a dedicated surgicentre, Kew Dentistry is equipped to handle every case of wisdom teeth removal, from simple extractions to complicated surgeries.

Wisdom teeth grow much later than other permanent teeth, usually developing in late adolescence or adulthood. In many cases it is recommended to have them removed, either preventatively or remedially. This may be due to predicted overcrowding or impaction, infection or other problems.

Our dental team monitors patients through their adolescence, to ensure potential issues are picked up before damage or infection occurs. This involves observing crowding, pain, and conducting X-rays.

As one of our more common procedures, we have a comprehensive care process from initial examination to post-extraction care. When you arrive for an initial examination, we’ll complete scans to understand your individual needs. We can then extract your wisdom teeth on the same day, either in the dental chair or under general anaesthetic or intravenous sedation in the surgicentre. You’ll receive a take-home recovery kit with ice packs, pain relief medications and antibiotics.

Wisdom Teeth FAQs

Wisdom teeth may be extracted during teen years, up until later in your twenties.

As always, the extent of the procedure depends on the patient’s specific circumstances. However, often we are able to simple remove wisdom teeth in-chair, which is less extensive. Even when surgery is required, usually it is simple and recovery is quick.

After the procedure is complete, Kew Dentistry will provide you with a complete recovery kit, including ice packs, pain relief medications and antibiotics. It is often recommended to stick to soft foods immediately after your surgery, as the area is tender and healing. There can be swelling or bruising, but full recovery is usually within 1-2 weeks.

Don’t put up with discomfort. Contact us today to discuss how we may be able to help you! Insurance can be used for your visit.

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