Chipped or fractured teeth aren’t just painful — they can make you feel like you don’t want to show off your smile, and make it tough for you to chew.

Your smile can be easily improved with a restoration on a chipped or fractured tooth.

Resin-bonded restorations can be used to fill a broken tooth using a superior material that won’t get loose over time. The material bonds straight to the tooth during a simple procedure that gives you the ability to change both colour and shape of your teeth.

A Simple, Affordable Procedure

Kew Dentistry offers you a range of tooth-coloured fillings that are identical to the natural colour of your teeth. Alternatively, you can also choose a whiter shade if preferred. The procedure for resin bonding is completed in a single, affordable visit taking about 30 minutes to complete.

There are no complications with the procedure, and you won’t need to prepare for treatment in any way. If needed, we can offer anaesthesia, though with this straightforward procedure it is usually not necessary unless your tooth is decayed.

A Long-lasting, Low-risk Solution

After treatment, you should have little to no sensitivity with a low risk of any infection since we don’t remove your natural tooth. We recommend that you keep in mind coffee, tea and cigarettes can stain the resin. It’s especially important to avoid these products for 48 hours after the procedure.

The material used isn’t as strong as a natural tooth and can become chipped if you bite your fingernails or chew on hard substances like ice or pens. No decay can attach to the tooth, however, since the resin is bonded to the tooth.

Discover if resin-bonded restorations are suitable to improve your smile’s appearance. Contact our helpful, knowledgeable team today!

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