SuperCare, Covering Dental Work at Kew Dentistry

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In need of a dental procedure but the costs are out of your price range? Kew Dentistry works with SuperCare to help everyday Australians access essential dental work in a manner that won’t incur financial strain.

Procedures Under SuperCare

What is SuperCare?

SuperCare is an external provider that assists you in making an application via the Early Release of Superannuation (ERS) Program, operated by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), to cover the costs of your dental work. You can also use your super to help cover additional charges such as the facility and general anaesthetic fees.


Are you a Candidate for SuperCare?

You may be eligible to access your Super early, matching the following requirements.

  • No relevant, or sufficient private health insurance
  • No access to sufficient, available funds
  • Ample Superannuation funds belonging to the candidate or a member of the candidate’s family, willing to pay for the procedure.

Next Steps

To discuss the terms and conditions of using Superannuation to pay for your dental work, talk to a health care professional at Kew Dentistry and start your road to recovery informed and well looked after. Contact Us.

SuperCare Dental Coverage

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