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For some people, they may never have to get their wisdom teeth removed; for most however, the removal of our wisdom teeth is almost a rite of passage! When wisdom teeth grow in at funny angles, or don’t have the space to develop properly they can cause issues of gum health, crowding teeth and pain. At Kew Dentistry, we endeavour to monitor your wisdom teeth and make a decision on their removal in our patients best interests.

So, you’ve been told you need to get your wisdom teeth taken out but you’re feeling a bit uncertain? Even without pain, your dentist may notice that the tooth is impacted or stuck in a position that could eventually lead to further issues down the road. 

The removal of your wisdom teeth may be necessary if you are experiencing some of the following symptoms, or if x-rays demonstrate that they could lead to damage:

  • Pain in the jaw
  • Teeth crowding
  • Sinus pain
  • Increased number of cavities
  • Bleeding, inflamed or irritated gums
  • Increased number of cavities
    If your wisdom teeth are impacting your other teeth, they create movement in your teeth and may create space where cavities and tooth decay can form.

In addition to the issues above, wisdom teeth can lead to further issues. Whilst there are a multitude of reasons why you should undergo an extraction of your wisdom teeth, here are some reasons as to why it is important. 

1. Wisdom teeth can lead to crowding of teeth in your mouth
Another set of molars coming into an already crowded area may push on your other teeth, causing pain and issues with your bite. Especially if you have had major dental  and orthodontic work in the past, wisdom teeth may misalign your beautiful pearly whites!

2. Jaw and sinus pain
As your wisdom teeth come in, their roots may impact and push against your sinuses which may lead to pain and headaches. Similarly, your wisdom teeth may push against your other teeth and create tension and pressure in your jaw. This pain can be avoided by the removal of your wisdom teeth!

3. Tooth damage and cavities
As well as crowding, the movement that wisdom teeth creates may create space where cavities and tooth decay can form

Whilst many people can live their life without any complications from their wisdom teeth, it is important that you maintain regular dental checkups and address any concerns with your dental practitioner. Here at Kew Dentistry, our team of dentists will monitor your teeth with skill, precision and care. Our dedicated surgicentre is well equipped to look after you and your pearly whites!

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